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Superheroes Wanted  [VIDEO]

Superheroes Wanted [VIDEO]

Kalman Samuels, a Montreal Law Firm specializing in Family Law and International Family Law, is looking to hire new attorneys. Listen to Daniel Romano, leading lawyer at Kalman Samuels, telling you what they are looking for.

Hello I’m Dan Romano, for the law firm of KALMAN SAMUELS.

I am Dan Romano for the law firm Kalman Samuels.

We are looking to hire some attorneys, but what we’re really looking for is “superheroes”. We have no choice because that’s what our clients are looking for when they come to us.

Whether it’s a simple Montreal divorce or a complicated international family law matter, or anything else, they are hoping to find someone who is capable and dedicated.

So, if you really believe in justice, and went to law school because you wanted to advocate for people and to right some wrongs…. And you don’t mind getting paid for it….

Give us a call.  We might have a nice spot just waiting for you.

I’m Dan Romano, for KALMAN SAMUELS, Attorneys.

Kalman Samuels & Associates offers legal services in a wide range of practice areas such as family law, international family law, personal rights, immigration law, and much more. If you are looking for a position as a lawyer in Montreal, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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