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Our Family Lawyers Team

About Our Montreal Family Lawyers

At Kalman Samuels, Montreal law firm, our size helps us to deliver a client-centered approach. Our specialization means we know where to place our efforts to best serve our clients. The dedication and quality of our Montreal family lawyers at Kalman Samuels ensures that our clients are well-represented, and their rights respected.

Our firm was established in 1957 and we have been setting the bar on high standards of client service and legal practice ever since. Decades of hard work and excellence have helped us to develop a top-tier reputation among Montreal family lawyers. This reputation helps to attract top-quality attorneys, interns and students who wish to be associated with us, and the high standard of these candidates helps us to develop and maintain a position of leadership as a Montreal Family Law firm.

Montreal Family Lawyers Kalman Samuels Attorneys

We are the type of law firm that other firms and junior attorneys come to and solicit for assistance with difficult cases. We are also the firm that senior attorneys and law professors come to when they need help with their own personal legal matters. We are a highly sought-after firm for legal practitioners from other jurisdictions who need local experts to assist them with their International Family Law matters. Professionals within the legal industry know who and what we are!

As Montreal family lawyers, we handle all
aspects of family law, from divorces, separations
and annulments to applications for support,
custody, permission to relocate and child abduction.

We are also family lawyers in another sense as well. Our firm offers almost all the services that a family might need, including things like immigration, adoption, personal injury, defamation, elder rights, youth protection, and matters of personal privacy and personal dignity. For some families, we have over the decades represented as many as three to four generations of relatives for all manner of legal needs.

We analyze each new case before assigning to you the best family lawyer in Montreal suited to your needs. In doing so, we consider the complexity of the case, factual and legal advantages and disadvantages, and your budget concerns, if any. For larger and more complex cases, we put together a small team that will work together quickly, effectively and reasonably. No one can guarantee you a victory, but whatever your case may concern, it always helps to be backed by a quality team.

Best Family Lawyer Kalman Samuels Attorneys

If ever a client comes to us with a legal matter that is out of our area of proficiency, we are very pleased to refer them. We maintain an excellent collaboration with numerous specialists across Quebec and Canada, and internationally.

If your legal matter is important to you, then it is in your best interests to research your attorneys carefully. Take the time to visit our office and meet with one of our attorneys. Within a few minutes, you will be able to see and feel the difference. Our attorneys and staff look forward to coming to work, and it shows in their commitment to their files – to your case!

Our History

Kalman Samuels, Attorneys is Quebec’s international family law firm since 1957. Ours is a small firm that has always punched far above its weight class. Many of our Montreal attorneys have had and still have prominent roles in Quebec’s legal community.

Our Team

A firm can be made up of the best attorneys in Canada, but if they are competing against one another rather than working collaboratively, the client may pay the price. At Kalman Samuels, Attorneys, we try to hire, train and develop the best family lawyers possible, but our most important asset is the manner in which we are able to work together as a team and support one another in our cases, all to the benefit of our clients.


It is hard for any firm to say that they are the best family lawyers in Quebec, but at Kalman Samuels, Attorneys, we work hard so that others will be motivated to say it for us. We hire top graduates and attorneys who believe in the concepts of justice and fairness. We try to combine the best abilities with the best attitude. This approach creates a fantastic team of like-minded individuals prepared to help one another to obtain the maximum results for our clients.


Employment at Kalman Samuels, Attorneys is unlike that at any other litigation firm. As much as we are strict on matters of procedure, client service and file management, we are quite liberal when it comes questions of accommodating family needs, flexible hours, vacation and other needs. Over the years, our interns have gone on to become judges, ministers, and leading partners in major law firms. Support staff are treated with respect and are fully incorporated as part of the team.

Attorney Collaboration

As a leading firm of Montreal family lawyers, Kalman Samuels, Attorneys can collaborate with fellow legal professionals on many levels. When necessary, we seek out and sub-contract to some of the best family lawyers locally to assist us with heavy caseloads. We regularly collaborate with other attorneys to assist in legal domains outside of our chosen fields. We work closely with attorneys from other jurisdictions on international matters and for immigration cases, Hague Convention cases, motor vehicle accidents and major liability cases involving personal injuries.

Contact us so we can schedule a consultation and see how our team of Montreal family lawyers can help you.

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