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Our Family Lawyers Team

Execution & Judgements

One of the challenges that comes up frequently in International family law cases is when you obtain a judgment in one country, but you need to execute (have it enforced) in another jurisdiction. This is often an issue with matters of child support or spousal support but can also be a challenge for matters of child custody and division of assets. A divorce judgment pronounced in London will not automatically be respected and enforced by authorities in Montreal.

There are a few steps and hurdles to overcome when executing foreign judgments. The facility or difficulty with which this can be done depends on the legal relationship between the Province of Quebec and the other jurisdiction, and on the interplay of several applicable laws. As always, it is best to go with experts who are recognized for their familiarity with this process. At Kalman Samuels, Attorneys, we are literally writing the book on the Execution of foreign judgments.

The law firm of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys is so well recognized in this domain that our lawyers are regularly invited to present seminars to other attorneys and to law students on this topic.

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