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Our Family Lawyers Team

Additional Legal Services

Since 1957, the Law Firm of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys has gained proficiency and recognition in several Legal domains. Our cases have made jurisprudence, broken records and set the bar many times over the years.

1-ICON injury

Our lawyers can help you with your bodily injury claim resulting from an accident and to obtain compensation for damages.

2-ICON estate

Our practice is divided into two categories: uncontested and contested matters.

3-ICON elder law

We help protect the rights of seniors in matters related to nursing homes, long-term care, power of attorney and incapacity.

4-ICON immigration

We offer a vast array of immigration services, along with post immigration support on various levels.

5-ICON personal rights

We act with celerity and determination to protect your rights against violation by institutions or individuals.

6-ICON criminal law

Many of our cases have both civil and criminal aspects. We can guide you through the important choices that you will have to make.

7-ICON corporate

Whether your business is a small family enterprise, or a gigantic multi-national and multi-million dollar project, we can match you with the best attorney for the job.

8-ICON mediation

Not every dispute needs to end up in a difficult litigation process. We can guide you through the alternatives.

If you have any questions about a possible, pending or ongoing divorce, please contact us
and schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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