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Personal Rights

Personal Rights pertains to those rights guaranteed to each person under both the Canadian and the Quebec charters of rights and freedoms. If you or a loved one is in doubt of whether you are being fairly treated with respect to your rights to privacy, violability, and personal freedoms and dignity, or with respect to judgements of incapacity, tutorship, guardianship, and power of attorney, we can help you re-establish your rights. We act with celerity and determination to protect your rights against violation by institutions or individuals. We also work with you in matters of third-party representation to protect your rights and privileges, and strive to ensure that you obtain the best possible chance for a safe and happy life.

We act with celerity and determination
to protect your rights against violation
by institutions or individuals.

Inviolability and Freedoms

Every person in Canada, and in Quebec, has a right not to have their personhood violated and to remain free from unlawful sequestration. This right protects you from the actions of other individuals as well as against certain actions by institutions such as medical or psychiatric centers. These rights are especially at risk for people who are in an abusive relationship, reaching their senior years, or living with a diagnosed psychiatric condition.

Abusive Relationships

The Law Firm of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys, is especially committed to protecting its clients against those who would abuse them in personal relationships. Our attorneys present lectures on these topics regularly within the Province of Quebec and internationally. We have won financial awards that have broken records, made jurisprudence, and caught the attention of media and human rights organizations across the nation.

Institutional Abuse

This is one of the most difficult areas of practice in our repertoire. Victims of institutional abuse are often elderly or already diagnosed with a mental condition, rendering our usual “David vs. Goliath” combat even more challenging. At Kalman Samuels, Attorneys, we firmly believe that the question of mental aptitude is addressed on a spectrum and is not a black and white matter.

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Defamation and Libel

Every person has a right to the safeguard of their dignity, honour and reputation. Regrettably, in Quebec, this area of the law is as yet insufficiently developed to properly and fully protect the rights of individuals.

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Every person has a right to the respect of their privacy and their private life. This right is becoming more and more at risk in this age of the internet. It is becoming increasingly easy and perhaps even tempting for perpetrators to post photos, videos or statements anonymously on various platforms, with little risk of repercussion for themselves due to their anonymity.

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If you feel that your personal rights, or the rights of someone important to you are being violated, it is best to speak with an expert as soon possible. Please call our office to arrange for a consultation with one of our attorneys.

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