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Montreal Personal Injury Lawyer

Our Montreal personal injury lawyers can help you with your bodily injury claim resulting from an accident and to obtain compensation for damages. We deal with all manner of matters stemming from injury: legal, medical and insurance issues. It is our role as your lawyers to act in your best interest at a time when you are faced with difficulties that may result in loss of work, medical expenses, and emotional and physical stress. These are often challenging cases because the defense is often handled by insurance companies that use major law firms specialized in making reclamations as difficult as possible for the plaintiffs. Given our firm’s longstanding reputation in such matters, we were chosen to assist with the damage claims made by family of the victims of the Air India Flight 182 bombing. We were also instrumental in assisting local native workers make claims in New York for reparations after they suffered negative health consequences subsequent to their clean-up work after the destruction of the twin towers in the September eleventh, 2001 attacks. In matters of personal injury, we divide our practice into five categories: Catastrophic, Major, Significant, Minor, Motor Vehicle Injuries and Work Related Injuries. Various financing options are possible. Awards can range from global lump sum payments to periodical interim payments to any hybrid variety of these options. Major personal injury claims are often settled via judicially assisted settlement conferences.

As your lawyers we act in your
best interest at a time when
you are faced with difficulties that may
result in loss of work, medical expenses,
and emotional and physical stress.

Catastrophic Injuries

Those injuries resulting in a debilitating brain injury or a physical injury that leaves the victim permanently unable to care for themselves are considered catastrophic. These tend to be matters where total damages claimed will exceed ten million dollars ($10,000,000).

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Major Injuries

Those injuries resulting in damages so great that the person will never be able to return to their former lifestyle, but will nonetheless retain some degree of autonomy are considered major. Major injuries typically tend to be matters where damages will range from one million to ten million dollars ($1,000,000 to $10,000,000).

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Significant Injuries

Those injuries that have a major effect on a person’s life for a limited amount of time and then leave some permanent residual effect are considered significant. These can typically be preventable sports injuries or trip-and-fall accidents where someone other than the victim is at fault.

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Minor Injuries

Minor injuries include those that can be extremely painful and traumatizing, can completely immobilize someone for a short period of time, and even leave some minor permanent consequences such a scars, but do not have significant long-term consequences for the victim, fortunately!

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Car accidents, bus accidents, and other types of motor vehicle accidents are extremely common in every jurisdiction, and Quebec is no exception. Where Quebec is exceptional, however, is that we have in this province a government-managed no-fault insurance regime known as the SAAQ (Société Assurance Automobile Québec).

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Workplace Accidents and Health-Related Problems

Every worker has the right to a safe workplace environment and to be protected from occupational hazards. In Quebec, workers benefit from a no-fault regime known as the CNESST (Commission des norms, de l’équité, de la santé, et de la sécurité du travail).

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Personal Injury Montreal Sample Case

Please do not underestimate the potential of a minor injury or the capabilities of our attorneys. In one case decided by the Superior Court of Quebec on 2015-03-30, a young artist had sliced through the tip of one of her fingers on a machine, resulting in damages that would ordinarily be valued at around one to two thousand dollars ($1,000 to $2,000), we were unable to negotiate a satisfactory settlement to the claim and so we chose to litigate the matter in court. In Court we obtained a victory that set a ground-breaking precedent with valuation of the injury at over one hundred dollars ($100,000). This Montreal personal injury case made jurisprudence and was the subject of many presentations at annual attorney conventions. We won on the basis that our client was an artist and the injury would have minor but permanent effect on her ability to draw, and substantially hampered her career choice and her development during her formative teen years. The morale of the story is that even for small injuries, it is best to consult a professional.

Request a Consultation with a Montreal Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter how big or small you think your case may be, it is best to speak with experts as soon as possible. Please call our Montreal personal injury law Montreal office to schedule a consultation so we can advise you properly as to what are your right and your best recourses.

If you have any questions about personal injury law, please contact us
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