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Estate Lawyers Montreal

Our Montreal Estate Lawyers deal with cases divided into two categories: uncontested matters, which are largely procedural in nature, and contested matters which may require extensive negotiation and sometimes even litigation.

Montreal Estate Law – Contested Matters

Sometimes, when someone passes away and an ‘estate’ is opened to handle the liquidation of the assets, disputes arise as to how this should be done. Sometimes the Liquidator is challenged. Sometimes it is just certain decisions by the Liquidator that are the object of the dispute. Sometimes the right of an heir to inherit is called into question. And sometimes the last will and testament itself is being challenged as invalid for any number of reasons. Our firm’s reputation has resulted in our firm being chosen to litigate many intense battles in this domain, including the highly mediatised case of Gatti vs. Barbosa Rodrigues.

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Montreal Estate Law – Uncontested Matters

From the opening to the liquidation and partition of an estate, our Montreal Estate lawyers have the necessary expertise in order to assist you efficiently and professionally. We will guide you in pre-planning the succession of your estate by setting up wills, trusts, and naming suitable executors. We will also assist family members to settle the estate of a loved one who has died with or without a will. If necessary, we represent the family in probating the will to the best possible outcome. Attorneys in our firm are qualified to serve as liquidators. As your estate lawyers in Montreal, our expertise in ensuring smooth succession of an estate or partition of family patrimony provides you with a level of confidence and security in these matters.

International Estate Law

Whenever the goods and patrimony of a succession expand beyond a single legal jurisdiction, we find ourselves in an international estate law situation. These can be highly complex and involve multiple legal doctrines that sometimes conflict. As private international attorneys, international estate law is one of the foundations of our practice. Our estate lawyers in Montreal handle estates spanning Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and South America, and of course, across the United States and Canada. With our international files, our clients often consult with us by Skype, telephone or other technological means. We have represented some clients for years without ever meeting them face-to-face!

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