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Our Family Lawyers Team

Montreal Family Law

Our firm is an industry leader in the practice of family law on a provincial, national and international level. A good number of our cases involve clients living in different countries and our cross-border expertise works to our client’s advantage. This extensive branch of our practice comes with many decades of successful experience which has made us a go-to reference in Montreal family law.

Montreal Family Law - Divorce

Some people see divorce as a traumatizing ordeal, others see it as the opportunity for a new beginning.

Montreal Family Law - Separation

When bonds break and you decide to separate, temporarily or permanently, we can help you reach an agreement.

Montreal Family Law - Child Custody

We take this child custody very seriously and have established a top notch reputation for our work in this area.

Montreal Family Law - Child and Spousal Suppprt

All children have a right to child support from their parents, regardless of the circumstances of their birth.

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