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Our Family Lawyers Team

Making a Will and Settling your Affairs

Although an unpleasant reality, settling your affairs is an important part of growing older. It ensures a smooth transition for your business and personal assets and relieves the burden from your family. The process of settling your affairs can seem…

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Down-sizing: A Necessity for Many Seniors

Moving from a house to a condo is a something facing many seniors today. With less emphasis on generational dwellings and an increase in the availability of smaller homes and condos, the parents of Baby Boomers are making some big…

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Executing out-of-province support judgments

Daniel Romano, BCL, LL.B., MA; Margherita M. Morsella, LL.B., BA We depend on support payments from my spouse who has moved to California and is no longer paying – HELP! And so begins another consultation involving a fascinating area of…

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Marriage Among Seniors

Margherita M. Morsella, LL.B., BA & Daniel Romano, BCL, LL.B., MA Yes, I’m getting married again. What should I be concerned about? Every once in a while we receive a charming telephone call from someone who is mature in age,…

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