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COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates – Groups Fighting Mandates Will Carry On

COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates – Groups Fighting Mandates Will Carry On

Daniel Romano and the law firm of KALMAN SAMUELS, Avocats – Attorneys were cited in an article by Julie Comber, in The Defender. Below are text excerpts where Dan Romano explains why groups opposing the mandates are moving forward with legal action.

Several groups are fighting Canada’s vaccine mandates, including one group of hundreds of federal public servants who sued the federal government in an effort to overturn the mandates for federal workers.

The group, which alleges the mandates violate Canadians’ constitutional rights, is seeking about $15 million in punitive and other damages, according to Kalman Samuels, a Montreal-based law firm representing the plaintiffs.”

Daniel Romano, an attorney at Kalman Samuels, told The Defender attorneys for the defendants told the plaintiffs they should withdraw the case, as the vaccine mandate has been suspended. But the legal team is considering several factors, including that “severe financial and moral damages were incurred,” and since the mandates are only suspended, they “can be reinstated at the drop of a hat,” Romano said.

“If the federal government continues to maintain unsubstantiated positions,” Romano said, “then we worry that they may once again decide, contrary to logic, to epidemiological data and to clinical science, that the small number of unvaccinated federal employees somehow pose a threat to the 98.5% (279,124) of the employees who are fully vaccinated as defined in the policy — especially considering the high rates at which the fully vaccinated individuals are still catching the COVID-19 virus.”

To read the full article, visit this link The Defender.

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