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KSA Announces Appointment Of RG As IRB Member

KSA Announces Appointment of RG as IRB Member

Kalman Samuels, QC & Associates is pleased to announce the appointment of Attorney Rim Gtari as a Refugee Protection Board Member (Administrative Judge) of the Immigration and Refugee Board, the largest independent administrative tribunal in Canada.

Attorney Rim Gtari is a PhD in Civil Law from the University of Ottawa, a former professor at the University of Ottawa, a lecturer at McGill, UQAM and UDEM, a lecturer, author and lawyer. She is a recipient of the Paris Bar Medal.

Attorney Rim Gtari joined Kalman Samuels, QC & Associates in 2021, to handle cases involving family law, international family law, administrative law, immigration law and refugee law.

Throughout her career, Attorney Rim Gtari has distinguished herself by her rigor, her great capacity of analysis and synthesis and her humanism.

We have no doubt that the rich academic and professional background of Me Rim Gtari will allow her to continue to excel in her new position, we wish her the best of success.

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