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With Spanish, Our Website Is Now Available In Five Languages! [VIDEO]

With Spanish, Our Website is Now Available in Five languages! [VIDEO]

Daniel Romano is a law partner at Kalman & Samuels, an established firm of Montreal lawyers specializing in family law, international family law, personal rights, immigration law and many more.

Hi there, my name is Dan Romano, for the law firm of Kalman Samuels Attorneys, and I have some very exciting news to share.

We have just announced the launch of our Spanish Language Website!

This is very exciting news for three reasons.

One, there are over 450 million native Spanish speakers around the world, all of whom can now read the extensive content of our website in their own language. This can be very helpful to them, whether they are in Montreal or not.

Second, there are many native speakers of Spanish, here in Montreal, who sometimes can not understand very well what is going on legally. We can explain it to them.

And third, our website is now available in 5 different languages: In French and English of course, because we are in Montreal. In Spanish, in Chinese and in Italian.

So that means that we can reach over 2.3 billion people in their native languages. This is exceptional, and it makes us unique in Canada. There is no other law firm that can compare.

If you have got a problem, or if you have a friend who is an immigrant or not a native speaker of French or English, let them know. We can help them.

Thank you very much. My name is Dan Romano for the law firm of Kalman Samuels.
Kalman Samuels’ website is translated in five languages, but our staff can help you in 12 different languages. Located in Montreal, we’re truly Quebec’s International Family Law Firm! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with any legal matter.

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