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The Dialectics Of ‘HATE’, Censorship, Liability For Inoculations, And The Truckers For Freedom [AUDIO]

The Dialectics of ‘HATE’, Censorship, Liability for Inoculations, and the Truckers for Freedom [AUDIO]

Attorney Daniel Romano, KALMAN SAMUELS, Attorneys, Montreal’s Family Law Firm, joined Marie Griffith on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022 on her show, MG Live on MIKE FM 105.1. Topics covered the efforts to create hatred, oppression of a minority dissent, oppression of doctors and scientists with a differing point of view.

They of course also addressed the topic of the week, the Truckers for Freedom convoy currently occupying Ottawa and how they are being portrayed in the media, and possible political outcomes and alternatives. A parallel was drawn between the 1961 Stanley Milgram experiments on obeisance to authority and how the tendency to conform played a role in popular support for the official government narrative.

The fact that Attorney Romano and Host Marie Griffith do not always agree with one another makes for an interesting dialogue – as it should!

Listen to the full interview now:

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