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Legal Dictatorship In Canada [VIDEO]

Legal Dictatorship in Canada [VIDEO]

Daniel Romano is a law partner at Kalman & Samuels’ Montreal lawyers specializing in privacy & personal rights, private international law, family law, personal injury, damages and professional malpractice. Listen to him or read the video transcript below to learn more about legal dictatorship in Canada.

My name is Dan Romano, and I am one of the lawyers on the team Kalman Samuels Attorneys.

I am sending this video out to you during this strange time of COVID19 and the government lockdowns. We are living through very strange times in terms of pandemic. But also, in terms of laws and regulations, and many people have been questioning them. People question how is it we can get fined for walking alone in the park? What difference does it make if I am outside of my home after 8:00 PM? How can that be affecting anything?  How can the government be passing these types of laws?

If you go to Canadian Tire right now, you can buy an extension cord, but you cannot buy a USB cord. You have to walk back out, order it online, wait 30 minutes, and then you can go back to the very same store, the same clerk who showed you the extension cord will then be able to give you a USB cord that you ordered online.

The same thing happens with winter clothes, if you go to L’Equipeur, for example, I know because I went there myself and to buy clothes for a friend who was under quarantine. He needed gloves.  You can buy work clothes, but you cannot buy winter clothes. They might be right beside one another, but one is legal and one is not.

You might find these laws strange and some of you might think that they do not go far enough. That is okay, that is a matter of opinion.

What we are here to try to explain is, how the government has the legal right…. by what right can they make those laws. I will not give you the full explanation here on the video. If you would like to know, basically click on the link below to read our very short article, very easy, where we explain it all.

READ: What Legal Right Does The Government Have To Order And Enforce Quarantine, Mask Wearing, And Other COVID-19 Restrictions?

I will just give you a brief summary right now:

In terms of democracy — have “democracy” means “government by the masses”. We don’t have pure democracy, we have a “representative democracy” where we elect representatives who basically legislate for us and are members of parliament and make the laws and ‘govern’.

These representatives passed a law in 2001, two laws, actually, that allow them, in times of emergency, to change our government for a limited period of time into basically a dictatorship, where the Premier can dictate the laws, and we have to obey. That is the law of the land.

This comes from the old Roman System where they had senators who would vote and it would be oversight.  Whenever there was a national emergency, such as an earthquake or a war they would elect a dictator to be more efficient and make decisions more quickly. This is what Julius Caesar’s role was, he was elected as a dictator, for several times, for short periods of time to dictate how things should be done.

So that is what has been going on and this is why these laws are coming up very quickly, very spontaneously, and why – whatever we may think of them for the moment – until they are review by the courts, they are perfectly legal.

I hope this is helpful for more information go and click on this link, and if you ever have questions, you are welcome to call us. We are open during this time, and we are available to help you with anything you may need.

Dan Romano from Kalman Samuels.

Thank you very much.


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