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Kalman Samuels Websites And Legal Service In Five Languages – Unique In Canada

Kalman Samuels websites and legal service in five languages – unique in Canada

Unique in CANADA!

The premier family law firm in Montreal, the Law Firm of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys now offers its website in Five (5) different languages!

English – French – Italian – Chinese – Spanish

We are proud to announce the launch of our Spanish language website. This means that the extensive content and legal information available on the Kalman Samuels, Attorneys is now available to over 2.2 Billion people in their native language.

As of Year 2021, on our planet of 7.5 Billion people,
There are roughly:

  • 63 million native speakers of Italian
  • 76 million native speakers of French
  • 360 million native speakers of English
  • 450 million native speakers of Spanish
  • 1,300 million native speakers of Chinese (all dialects)
    2,249,000,000 Total

Of course, literacy rates vary, and only a small percentage of these individuals will every need the valuable legal information, advice and protection offered by the lawyers of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys. But if they need it, they now have a place to turn to and read important legal content in their own language — all translated by practicing attorneys and trained legal translators.

This is one of the many aspects that makes Kalman Samuels, Attorneys leaders in their domain.

There is no other law firm in Canada that can compare.

And, in closely related news:

The Law Firm of Kalman Samuels, Attorneys is very pleased to announce the launch of its Spanish Language website!
We trust that the Spanish language legal information will be very helpful to residents of Montreal and Quebec who still speak Spanish as their primary language, and to Spanish speakers around the world seeking to immigrate to, do business in, or resolve family matters related to Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Kalman Samuels is an experienced and established divorce and family law firm in Montreal, Canada. We have a proven history of fighting for our clients’ rights. We offer reasonable, competitive fees. We can assist our clients in twelve different languages. Please call or email us to set up an initial consultation. +1 514 939 1200 or



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