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Des Questions Sur Les Vaccins COVID-19 ? [AUDIO]

Des questions sur les vaccins COVID-19 ? [AUDIO]

Radio Mike FM, 105.1 a accueilli l’avocat Daniel Romano le 7 décembre 2021 pour une discussion franche avec l’animatrice Marie Griffith sur la loi, la science et la politique derrière ce sujet important. KALMAN SAMUELS, Avocats, sont fiers d’avoir été sélectionnés par Marie Griffiths pour discuter d’importants sujets juridiques et sociaux le mardi matin, de 10h à 11h.

Écoutez l’entrevue complète maintenant (disponible en anglais seulement) :


La réponse des auditeurs a été extraordinaire ! Plusieurs centaines de personnes ont téléchargé le podcast et beaucoup ont envoyé leurs commentaires à Radio MIKE FM. Voici quelques-uns des commentaires (anglais et français) reçus :

Just wanted to say I am loving Marie’s interviews with Daniel Romano. We so badly need to hear the other side of the COVID vaccine story, and no one is better placed to speak about this than he is. Thank you so much for your truthful journalism!

Excellente entrevue avec Me Romano. J’adore le mélange des deux langues. Personne ne se sent délaissé même si c’est majoritairement en anglais. Ensuite, j’apprécie les interventions franches de Marie. Elle pose les bonnes questions, comme si elle était dans ma tête. Belle découverte!

Hello, I just wanted to say that I am really happy that you are offering a different point of view on covid/vaccination and being open and transparent. It is refreshing! I especially love your weekly talks with Mr. Romano. Keep up the great work!! ❤

Hello Ms. Marie Griffiths, Thank you so much for interviewing Dan Romano regarding the legal action he is involved with over CV vaccine mandates. What a breath of fresh air to hear someone speak honestly about this issue – and for you to give him the opportunity! Very much appreciated.

Bonjour, J’aimerais vous remercier pour l’émission de Marie Griffiths et Maître Daniel Romano concernant l’injonction contre la vaccination obligatoire pour les employés fédéraux. C’est rafraîchissant d’entendre une émission de radio qui ne se soumet pas au narratif tyrannique. Very interesting.

Good evening, I would like to thank you for allowing the interview with Mr Romano to air. I believe that no matter your stance on whatever topic, it is crucial to have a healthy debate and to allow all parties and positions to have a voice and be fairly represented. The narrative has been one sided for far too long now and people have the right to know, have the right to have access to all the information and to take a well-informed decision. Thank you, for taking a chance, knowing that you could have been criticized for allowing for this interview to take place. Sincerely.

Marie Griffiths and other supporting staff members, Thank you very much for interviewing Daniel Romano. I appreciate that you are showing the other side of this topic of mandatory vaccination. I hope that it will shed some light on others on the reality that many of us are facing. It is taking away our right to make our own health decisions. It is jeopardizing our livelihoods and ability to feed our children & uphold financial commitments. Both my spouse and I work for the federal government. We have 3 children and a mortgage and bills like everyone else. It has been absolutely devastating. It is a never-ending nightmare, and to be honest, I don’t know how we will get through it. I know we will, we have too, just not sure how that is going to happen yet. Thank you for your support!

Hello Miss Mary Griffith, I would just like to sincerely thank you for giving Mr. Romano the opportunity to voice our stand with the mandatory vaccination policy for federal employees and others. These days, we are being silenced everywhere on mainstream media. I plead and urge you to continue hearing us out and bringing forward the facts on which we are standing against these mandatory vaccination mandates and to have the world listen to the other side of what mainstream media has been censoring.

I will be looking forward to more interviews and thank you so much again for being a voice of positivity in our historical fight against these mandates. God bless you! Thank you 🙏🏼

Hi Mike FM team! Just some kudos for the interview with M. Romano on the vaccination mandate. Not a lot of media are open to these (black sheep?) Comments and viewpoints. I think it’s important for us to hear about the other side of the coin and having this guy on air was a great idea. Thanks!

Thank you for having Mr. Romano on to speak for our rights. People everywhere are fighting for the right to choose what medical procedures to have. We appreciate having our voices heard.

Hi Dan Romano, I listened to your full radio interview this morning. I thought it was excellent and thank you for putting yourself out there. I am very impressed!

I want to thank Marie so very much for having Mr. Romano on your show. It’s so nice to see a radio station wanting to hear what’s truly going on. I hope to hear more talks like this.

Hi Marie G., I appreciated you having Mr. Romano on your show. Thank you for your bravery and him, for spilling the beans.

I really appreciated the discussion had with Mr. Romano earlier today. Please keep having guests that are not afraid to speak up about what they have learned or discovered, whatever that may be. Once again, thank you!

A heart-felt thanks for hosting Mr. Romano today to discuss his lawsuit and the Covid science. It is so nice to finally hear some open discussion in the face of such mass censorship, and the stifling of science on this topic.

Hi, I heard Marie Griffith\’s radio show on the pandemic this morning. What a breath of fresh air, to hear someone in journalism chatting about reasons behind the policies without trying to sell something. Really appreciate that you care about your average listener!!

Thank you so much for hosting Mr. Romano! So refreshing to hear another side to this story! Thank you for your courage and dedication to the Canadian people. We are here. We hear you. We support you. We stand with you. Yours in freedom, Kim

Very informative discussion with Maître Romano… Thank you it was very interesting to hear about that case

Hello Marie! I would just like to express my appreciation, having listened to your show yesterday with Mr. Romano. You asked the questions that should be asked and listened with an open mind to why our case matters, and why Canadians should pay attention. Thank you for giving us a voice!

Hi there, just wanted to offer a shout-out to Marie Griffith for interviewing Mr. Daniel Romano on her show. It’s nice that someone in the media is starting to share a different narrative on the touchy subject of the vaccine mandate. Thankful to Marie and to the law team fighting for us.

Marie Griffiths, thank you very much for presenting a different point of view on the COVID situation with your guest, lawyer Daniel Romano. I enjoyed the interview tremendously and would love to see more coverage on the litigation in his case and presenting the REAL science. Keep up the great work!

Hi there, I am a citizen of Ontario and an unvaccinated person currently being discriminated against by our government. I am NOT ALLOWED to work, go to the gym, eat at a restaurant, enjoy a beverage at a bar, etc. THANK YOU AND I APPLAUD YOU FOR SPEAKING ABOUT DISCRIMINATION of unvaxxed ppl. Amen.

The interview with Me. Romano is very interesting. Thank you, Marie, for the awesome content. I think its important that the false narrative on the vaccination disappear. Its time for people and for the Gov to face the facts. Everybody should know what the FedGovernment is hiding and what they changed.

I just wanted to send a message to express how great the show with Marie Griffith and Mr. Romano was today.. it was a breath of fresh air, to hear some arguments from the “other side” that are very much valid but for some reason is being censored ..thank you!!!

It was great to hear a radio station give a platform to the other side of the covid narrative. The Romano interview today was very well done, and Marie did a great job challenging him. This takes courage and is very important in keeping Canada a free and democratic country. Thank you and bravo!

Good afternoon, I wanted to take a second to send a quick message to tell you how much that we enjoyed Marie Griffiths’s guest Mr. Romano on today’s show. Thank you! I never listened to your station in the past but look forward to tuning in again! All the best to you. Thanks for the good work!

Hi, I wanted to thank you for hosting Me Romano. It is refreshing to hear something that goes against the mainstream media narrative.

Thank you for having Mr. Romano on your show. It is very refreshing to have a respected media station take an interest and allow this side of this story to have a platform. I hope you will continue to provide a space for those on this side of the issue to speak.

I recently listened to your broadcast with Mr. Daniel Romano and was pleasantly surprised to hear some rational perspectives surrounding the Covid-19 narrative. Mr. Romano was very well informed and presented his facts very clearly. An excellent session. Keep up the good work!

Hello! I wanted to express my appreciation that you are giving a voice to those who don’t have one. Your interview today with Mr. Romano was extremely informative and well done. What you are doing is real journalism that is as unbiased as can be. Keep up the great work!

Marie Griffiths, thank you very much for presenting a different point of view on the COVID situation with your guest, lawyer Daniel Romano. I enjoyed the interview tremendously and would love to see more coverage on the litigation in his case and presenting the REAL science. Keep up the great work!

Hello, Marie Griffith’s interview with Mr. Romano today was enlightening and opened the narrative on the issue of the COVID-19 vaccine mandate and on Covid 19. Thank you very much for your professionalism and rendering the narrative democratic again.

Bonsoir Mme Griffith, je travaille comme adjointe administrative pour le ministère service aux autochtones et je suis l’une des plaignantes pour l’obligation de vaccinations. Merci d’avoir rencontré Me Romano, vous êtes un des seuls médias qui a décidé de parler de cette poursuite.

Grand merci pour l’interview d’aujourd’hui, mardi 7 décembre, avec Me Romano. Comment peut-on obtenir un enregistrement de l’émission? Salutations chaleureuses et bravo à vous et à toute votre équipe pour votre courage et votre honnêteté intellectuelle.

Dear Marie, I would like to thank you for having the guts to give us, non-vaxxed, a voice in this uncertain time. We are not conspiracy theorists; we are simply Canadian citizens who predicted so many things thanks to our wisdoms, and who are just asking questions. Take care. Séverine.

Hi, I was pleased to listen to your show with guest Attorney Dan Romano regarding the lawsuit of Federal Government employees. Now more than ever, it is crucial that the other side of the story is heard and acknowledged by the media. Many thanks and happy holidays.

Very happy to hear a different perspective on the pandemic/vaccine mandates on your station!! More questions and debate need to be shown. Why are we blindly following something that is now shown to not be as effective as originally sold!! Thanks so much and please keep it up!!

Pour Marie Griffith. Félicitation pour votre émission de matin sur l’obligation vaccinale des fonctionnaires fédéraux. Vous êtes la 1ere radio à en parler de manière objective. Vous n’imaginez pas comme cette obligation et la coercition qui va avec est violente. Merci. Pas de place pour en dire plus

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you to be the first to give us, Feds employees, a voice. You have no idea how appreciative I am. This whole thing feels so wrong….

Hi, I listened to the interview with Daniel Romano this morning and all I can say is wow, what a breath of fresh air! Really appreciate that you are giving a voice to the other side and people have the opportunity to hear both sides of the story. We only ever hear one side. Keep it up!

Marie!!!! Omg. I almost cried like a baby when I heard you speak with Maître Romano about our case…. You are the VERY 1st in the Canadian Media to come out and give us a chance to speak our truths… I know the case is still ongoing and I am one of those employees. Thank you, thank you.

Thank you, Marie, for your wonderful and brave interview with Me. Romano. You have a new fan in me:)

Marie! I loved your interview with Mr. Romano. The other side needs to be heard! I think the message the public has at the moment towards people who have chosen to forgo the vaccine is very negative and hostile. I appreciate views from all sides. To let voices be heard and understood. Thank you

I really enjoyed the show today with Daniel Romano. He presented some good points that we all should be taking to heart while we navigate these difficult times. Having fulsome two-way discussions is the cornerstone of good journalism and a free society. Keep up the great work!

I appreciate the time you spent with Mr. Romano; we need more! This is what we want to hear. Thank you for giving us a voice. Keep up the good work

Hello Marie, Great discussion with Mr. Romano today. Wow, so good to hear something that makes sense. Seems all the mainstream media and politicians are full of lies and information that doesn’t make sense. Sure appreciate your show!!! Jacob.

That was a very informative and fire-y interview with Mr. Romano and Marie today! Thank you for sharing alternative viewpoints.

Good evening, I just wanted to send a message to express how great the show with Marie Griffith and Mr. Romano was today. it was a breath of fresh air, to hear some arguments from the “other side” that are very much valid but for some reason is being censored. Thank you!!!

Merci pour avoir pris le temps d’écouter a M. Romano ce matin. Session super informative! Merci!!

What a great interview with Mr. Romano. It was good to hear a better-balanced position on the other side of the story. It’s good to see a mainstream media showing another opinion and not the same narrative

I just wanted to say that I loved your interview with Daniel Romano. I hope you will have him on again. Thanks for providing your listeners with great content.

Wow! What an interview Marie! You are a « spitfire » woman and asked GREAT questions! Akin to the « elephant in the room » kinda thing. Really diving into some hard questions that I believe people DO want to hear. Grateful to you and the radio station for airing this most important issue of our time!

Hi! I wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing our lawyer, Mr. Romano come on your show and speak! It means a lot to have a voice in these crazy times. I am an RN and I’m one of the ones affected by this vaccine mandate. I agree 100% with all the info Mr. Romano discussed.

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