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Our Family Lawyers Team

Geoffrey Ngamilu



Graduate Degree in International Public Law (LL.M.), University of Montreal
Graduate Degree in Common Law (DESS), University of Montreal
Certificate in International Humanitarian Law, University of Ottawa
Bachelor of Laws (LL.B.), University of Montreal


French, English


Immigration Law

Obtaining Temporary Work, Study or Visitor Visa, Obtaining Canadian Permanent Residency (Skilled Workers, Students, Business People, Sponsorship), Quebec Experience Program, Citizenship, Application before Competent Authorities (Administrative and Judicial Review).

Family Law (Litigation)

Divorce, Separation, Dissolution, Child Custody, Access Rights, Child Support, Spousal Support, Parental Authority, Conjugal Violence, Permission to travel, Recognition of Paternity, Family Patrimony and Matrimonial Regime, Protection of Sensitive Information.

Geoffrey Ngamilu is a Montreal Immigration, Estate, Labour, and Family Law Attorney

Geoffrey Ngamilu

Geoffrey Ngamilu is a Montreal Immigration, Estate, Labour, and Family Law Attorney

Family Law (Non-Contentious)

Joint Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Drafting Consent Agreements for Uncontested Divorce or Separation, Drafting Common Law Spousal Agreements, Private Negotiations or Conciliation, Providing Advice during Mediation, Settlement Conference at the Superior Court.

International Family Law

Recognition and Execution of Foreign Judgments in Quebec, Permission to Move with the Child (Children), Recognition and Contestation of Jurisdiction, Ratification of Consent Agreement signed outside Quebec, Divorce and Separation with International Facets, Cancellation or Modification of Child Support or Spousal Support.

Youth Law

Adoption, Youth Protection.

Personal Injury

Physical Injury and Non-Pecuniary Damages, Chronic Pain, Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injuries, Fractures and orthopedic Injuries, Sports Injury, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Liability Claims.

Estate Law (litigation)

Annulment of Wills, Application to replace liquidator or trustee, Rendering of Accounts, Opening of a Protective Supervision Regime, Homologation of Protection Mandate.

Estate Law (Non-Contentious)

Drafting of Wills and Power of Attorney, Estate and Post-Mortem Planning, Settlement of Successions, Settlement of Estate that includes Foreign Assets in Quebec.

Labour Law

Occupational Health and Safety, Labour Standards, Human Rights and Freedoms, Labour Relations.



Me Ngamilu has worked as a legal officer for a United Nations Specialized Agency based in Geneva, in Switzerland. Since he joined the Legal Firm of Kalman Samuels, Me Ngamilu has handled numerous complex cases in family, patrimony and international matter.

Me Ngamilu is a seasoned litigator and also a determined negotiator working for the amicable resolution of his files. He is able to combine his knowledge of the strict provisions of law with the possibility of alternative human approaches in order to determine the best possible solutions for each of his client’s unique circumstances.

Me Ngamilu represented clients in international law files including the following jurisdictions:
Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, the United States of America, France, Germany, England, Sweden, Russia, Japan, China, Australia, Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Mali and many others.


Me Ngamilu has handled family matters for well-known entertainment celebrities. He has the knowledge and experience required to handle cases for publicly known individuals in the discrete yet firm manner that such cases require.

As a former professional basketball player himself, Attorney Ngamilu has first-hand knowledge of the world of professional sports. Since he also has extensive experience in matters of damages and personal injury, he is well placed to offer a full legal service to clients in the fields of professional sports.

Me Ngamilu has also collaborated with a leading Montreal Law firm for the publication of a major work in Labour Law.


Me Ngamilu has worked as a mentor for the organization “pour trois points” helping the youth to value academic achievement through sport and various activities.


2013 – « Le droit du travail du Québec », 7e édition, Les Éditions Yvon Blais

What happens to the family home during a divorce?, in the The Senior Times, October 2019.

Leila Sadeg and Geoffrey Ngamilu, When the Grinch wants to steal your holidays with the grandkidsThe Senior Times, Vol. XXXIV No. 3 December 2019.

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